Why Solar?

Whether an organization chooses to lock-in long term energy costs with zero upfront capital through a power purchase agreement – OR – benefit from long term solar asset ownership, there are several financial and environmental benefits.

Financial Value

Stable Energy Prices


Cheaper and locked-in energy prices for 15, 20, 25 years or longer allows organizations to effectively hedge AND manage their energy situation to a higher degree of certainty and confidence than ever before.

Tax Credits 


  • Federal Investment Tax Credit


  • State Credits and Rebates


  • Local Credits and Rebates

Depreciation Benefits 


  • Accelerated Depreciation


  • Bonus Depreciation


  • Accelerated Investment Payback Period

Environmental Value

Cash Flow


  • Predictable long term cash flow


  • Higher Returns than tradional “bond-like” assets


  • Stable End-Users

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)


  • State Dependent Credits that have tradable value for solar power that is generated


  • Performs like a “Real Option” on the asset


  • Offsets Carbon output

Customer Acquisition


  • Acquire customers who want to do business with environmentally conscience partners


  • Environmental Leadership in your Industry

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